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Dickson realty was founded in 1973 with the guiding premise that integrity, hard work and creativity would yield success. Over the years, those principles have guided us and helped us evolve into the region’s largest and most successful real estate company. Today, we are home to nearly 300 agents and 10 real estate offices across northern Nevada and California. We believe our greatest asset and the key to our success is our team of agents, employees and affiliates

The Dickson Philosophy

The work of our agents is guided by our core values. The ultimate goals of the Dickson Philosophy is to become your realtor, for life.

You come first. When everything we do centers on serving your unique needs - even to the exclusion of our own agenda - we can create an extraordinary experience for you, our client.

You deserve mastery. As a client, you deserve to work with a realtor who's at the top of his or her game. Mastery takes 10,000 hours of concentrated effort - or more than five years of working full-time. Every Dickson agent is committed to developing his or her mastery of real estate.

Your relationship matters to us. When Dickson realtors invest in strong relationships at the start, we will enjoy extraordinary relationships that last.

We under-promise and over-deliver for you. Everyone loves a happy ending, so we temper the temptation to hype the outcome. Instead, Dickson agents concentrate our efforts on adding real value - for extraordinary results.

We share "hyper-local" knowledge with you. There's no substitute for knowing the territory, the customs, and the culture of the communities we serve. Dickson agents walk the neighborhoods, join community and neighborhood advisory boards, and build powerful networks to better serve you.

We negotiate for you. In real estate, you don't get what you deserve - you get what you negotiate. That's why our clients hire us over our competitors: for our negotiation skills. We take advantage of every opportunity to learn or fine-tune them, at Dickson University or through close personal study.

We never stop learning for you. Dickson is a learning organization. We strive, we succeed, we sometimes come up short, but we always learn. That's why we have Dickson University and experienced experts to train, educate, and grow our realtors.

We build our reputation through you. A reputation takes years to develop, and it can be destroyed in seconds. That's why honesty, integrity, hard work, and collaboration are the cornerstones of Dickson's business - and we expect nothing less from each and every agent who works with us.

We listen to you. Most sales professionals hear one client need, and they're off to the races. Dickson's agents know to bite their tongue and keep listening - uncovering at least five more client needs they can find solutions for.

We create community to serve you. Since 1973, Dickson Realty has acted upon the responsibility to build a sense of community in the areas we serve, including active corporate philanthropy, volunteerism, and community involvement on the part of our agents, partners, and staff.

We are in business because of you. Anyone who's ever had an extraordinary experience will never forget the feeling - or the person who created it. That's why, at Dickson Realty, we harness our creativity, sense of fun, and concern for our fellow men and women to create extraordinary experiences for our clients.

Our goal, of course, is to become your realtor - for life.

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